Our Vision

To make post-secondary educational success possible for every York City student. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of York City Dollars for Scholars, Inc., to provide support to York City students by way of scholarships and mentoring to ensure a successful transition to and through post-secondary education. 

Our Board of Directors 


(Pictured, left to right bottom to top: J. Simpson, M. Frye, D. Baker, Nicole Shaffer, E. Newsome, B. Schwab, C. Cheshire, S. Glover, and B. Frick)




Diane Baker

Vice President

Jazmin Simpson

Michelle Frye


Robert Kucherich


Board Members

Diane Baker
Anna Breeland-Williams
Carissa Cheshire
Bernard Frick
Lynette Fink
Michelle Frye
Robert Kucherich
Eloise Newsome
Nicole Shaffer
Jazmin Simpson

Scholars Program Coach
Meaghan Kauffman