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To become eligible for a York City Dollars for Scholars, Inc. Scholarship, each student must both create a Scholarship America student profile and also select our YCDFS scholarship title within the web-site and move it to the "My Applications" area. Creating a profile and applying for a scholarship are two separate processes. Here is a Supplemental Guide for Student Applicants to show you how to do that. (Based upon your profile, you may also become eligible to apply for scholarships from other organizations who use Scholarship America's website).

Public High School Students who reside in the School District of the City of York can begin to create your Scholarship America profile at any time. If you complete a Scholarship Profile on this site, you may begin using the site to search for additional scholarship possibilities now through Scholarship America.

Here is a Guide for Creating Your Student Profile (click the link to the right)Creating A Student Profile - PDF

  1. Create a login.
  2. Create your profile. You will complete information in each of the groups listed below.
    • Basic and Additional Info
    • School Info
    • Academic Info
    • Supporting Material
    • Activities, Awards, Employment
  3. Reference Section:
    • Request Transcript information from your Guidance Office
    • Request Financial Information from your parent or guardian
    • Request a Personal Reference from a person of your choice
    • If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian must approve your online application through this system
  4. If you are applying for our York City Dollars For Scholars scholarship, please be sure to complete the local Additional Information Section before you click "submit"
  5. For further information or assistance, please contact any of the following:
  • your high school guidance counselor,
  • the Chair of the York City Dollars For Scholars awards committee, Ms. Eloise Newsome (email -
  • York City Scholars program coordinator, Ms. Meaghan Kauffman. Ms. Kauffman can be reached through the York City Dollars For Scholars, Inc. page on Facebook (click the linked name) or by email (



York City Dollars For Scholars, Inc., will offer a limited number of scholarships to persons who have completed one year of post-secondary education. Funds may be used during the following school year.  The Second-Year application is available through the Login above into Scholarship America's ChapterNet online scholarship application system. Potential applicants will search for scholarships through "My Scholarships" in their ChapterNet profile and match to this scholarship. Click this link to download eligibility criteria and instructions for application. The deadline for application will be in mid-June each year as announced on the Instructions.